Thursday, November 14, 2013

Art Always Makes the Day Better

This is a non chiari post, but as much as it’s a part of my life, so is art. No matter how off I may feel, looking at artwork always seems to brighten my outlook on everything.  So here’s a little bit of brightening.

I’ve watched Ruth Marshall’s work develop and grow over many years from rivets, to chandeliers, to sculptural cast pieces and now knitted pelts. She just has a way of bringing her world…our world…into her creative process and giving back a piece of beauty. Recently she posted a pic of 5 pelts of Leadbeater’s Possums that were soon to depart her studio, and they just pulled me in. Had no idea of the history of these small creatures. These little fellows are going extinct and need our help. Ruth has more information on her site and also

Check out more of her work at:
Damn she’s good. Ok, she’s better than good…she’s brilliant, and it’s even better in person.

Two Tigers and a Jaguar. (C) Ruth Marshall, 2012. University of Maine Museum of Art, 2012 “Vanished into Stitches” 
 Leadbeater Possum #2. (C) Ruth Marshall, 2013. 14.5” X 6” (36.8cm X 15cm)

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